Lick RunCommunity Development Corporation

Lick Run grew from a vision of agriculture changing a neighborhood. With an established urban farm and community center, we now serve as a collaborative hub in NW Roanoke, expanding access to resources for community programming and innovation.

Are you a young adult interested in farming, cooking, and helping your community? Looking to learn while also earning money? Our hands-on program explores our local food systems—from farm to table, and beyond. 

youth and volunteers after planting fruit trees at the farm

July 22 - 26, rising 4th 5th and 6th graders can spend a week exploring how the farm works, playing fun games, making art, and connecting with their community.

Well-equipped and local meeting spaces can often seem inaccessible for smaller groups. Our community room helps eliminate this obstacle. 

people learning in the community room
image of oak tree sapling

Do you have an idea you have been nurturing and are ready to transplant? Whether you want to share information with your neighbors or have a business idea that serves a critical community need, we can work together to grow this vision for a healthy tomorrow. Building a restorative and regenerative circular economy is our shared responsibility, and we are here to help.

Find opportunities to connect with others and get involved with ongoing projects, or relax with your friends and enjoy this wonderful gem in NW Roanoke.